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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Balasan Allah: Raja Namrud diserang tentera nyamuk

Kasihan.....Nik Aziz taknak melawat Pak Bai ke.... Atau takut kena attack dengan tentera nyamuk.....Pak nik kena larang pengikut dari terus menyebarkan fitnah. Jangan nanti jadi macam pak bai terus baibai.

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  1. honey dear, please tell Anwar i will be supporting him all the way in hell..dont wory about my support to that fellow..tell his wives azizah and azmin my support to them will be continuous although i'm in hell..even if i'm not around with him in court my buddies, syaitan iblis , devil will be there for him all the time..he can fuck any men he likes. dont wory about punishment from god, because as a lawyer with very good credentials , i will fight god all the way for him until god get fed-up and release him on technical issue..and i will make sure too three of them, the 3'As, will follow me in hell too..tell them that honey..see you in hell ya honey..


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